Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crying Over Sanitized Milk

Each July, I'm reminded of the carefree feeling I experienced in youth: the sheer delight of summer. My sister and I would spend one part of our summer vacation tormenting each other, and the other part feeding calves on my grandfather's dairy farm. There were countless trips to the barn to fill precious gallons with the silky white, luxurious milk.

At the time, I didn't celebrate the beauty of milk for the rich taste of a cool glassful, much less as an ingredient in some of my favorite foods. Instead of relishing raw, non-homogenized milk directly from the cow, I chose skim milk from the grocery store.

And then came my interest in making cheese. I live over 1,500 miles from the one place I know I might be able to exchange fresh-from-the cow, non-pasteurized, enzymatically wonderful milk for a six-pack of Coors Light. Unfortunately, that's what you need to make really yummy cheese. Most people probably don't care that in the US, it is illegal (in nearly every state) to sell milk that has not been pasteurized, but for ambitious foodies, it's appalling!

There are a few solutions...but you'll need to open your wallet:

Solutions 1: Bring Back the Bacteria Incorporate a live bacteria solution that allows you to create the reactions necessary. Cost $4 for 3.5 ounces of BioK + cost of milk Available at natural food stores.

Solution 2: Join a Farm Co-op One of the benefits is typically a gallon of "raw" milk. Costs approximately $8 per gallon + annual "maintenance" fee Solution 3: Pet Food I've heard raw milk can be purchased for pets. You might try this site for local information.

Do you have another solution to share? Where's all ears!

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