Monday, June 23, 2008

Ambitious Foodie?

So why name a website Ambitious Foodie?

Foodie is a new slangy word for a gourmet, which is a person who likes and is a judge of fine foods and drinks (aka an epicure).

Ambition means showing great effort or aspiring.

Put these two together and what we have is a person who will aspire to and show great effort to enjoy fine foods and drinks. Whats more, we will go to great lengths to make great food and drinks. We will strive for the best that is possible.

Sometimes the best will be the quest to find the best ingredients, use all of the tools at our disposal, and take all the time is necessary to make a meal. For example, buying a fresh cut of tenderloin from the best butcher in town; researching the best seasonings and buying them fresh; and cooking the steak to perfection using the broiler or charcoal grill.

Other times, the best will mean to find the most cost effective ingredients necessary to make a delicious meal. Focusing on buying quality ingredients and getting the best value for the ingredient buck. We might give ourselves a budget of $25 to prepare a delicious meal for four, forcing us to economize on ingredients and pay for the best value, instead of the best quality.

A third possibility is making the most effective use of our time. How do we cook the best meal possible in a limited amount of time using what we have on hand. Delicious AND fast food, both!

And finally, the best could mean making the most efficient use of calories. Sometimes we want something delicious but not filled with calories. This is where Ambitious Foodie can help. We may try to economize on calories to get the most taste out of our meals.

One last point, as an Ambitious Foodie we are not limited to food. We will look at and enjoy drinks as well. We will look at wine making and homebrewing. We will make fine cocktails and enjoy the best we can find.

So if you are interested in the best possible food and drinks. If you want to maximize quality, value, or time. Continue reading, send us your comments, and for the love of god, enjoy your food.